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Out with WASD – In with SDFC

Ever since the emergence of 1st person shooters, think Wolfenstien and DooM, a great travesty has been occurring. I’m talking about WASD: the keyboard layout to end all keyboard layouts. Every FPS game since then has included a WASD layout by default. Most gamers will tell you that playing keyboard+mouse, and specifically WASD+mouse, is THE […]

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The Proof is in the Positives

We’ve all heard the aphorisms regarding negative feedback; gems like, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” and “People only leave feedback when they’re dissatisfied,” and “The forum community is made up solely of the tiny fraction of the population that likes to complain.”  Well, recently we’ve seen the exception that proves the rule. There have been […]

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Beating up the Baddies

YOU put the M&Ms in MMOs

A while back I was getting pretty bored with the game. Updates 13-15 had come pretty fast and furious and instead of playing more, I was playing less. Yeah, RL was a big factor there, but something about the game was pushing me away. I mean, I loved the game still, despite the bugs and […]

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