So, Turbine has rewarded MotU pre-order purchasers with access to the MotU closed Beta. I’d like to say, Thank You Turbine. I’ve participated in a handful of Betas, and I really enjoy the process. I’m not very GOOD at it, from a testing perspective, but I try to give feedback where I can.

This time round, what we’re getting to see is quite early, but overall I’m really impressed. And the feedback from other participants seems to be right on the money too. I hope that the dev team really listens and takes things to heart.

Initially, I was lack-luster about the whole Forgotten Realms setting coming to DDO. I like Eberron and I wasn’t sure Steam-Punk would meet the more traditional setting very well. But I’m glad to say that I was wrong. Getting a glimpse of the FR setting really struck a nice nostalgic nerve, and I’m left craving more, more, moar. I’m also really stoked to see some of the other great stuff the team is working on, like Epic Destinies, and of course the Druid class. This expansion is going to be AWESOME.

Now, I’m sure some of the proposed things will prompt the usual (or maybe More Than Usual) DooOoooOMMMmm!!!11! responses. Some of it is kinda scary. But after 6 years, the game simply MUST evolve  or it’ll die, and I believe the direction it’s evolving is a good one.

Obviously, I can’t say too terribly much, due to the NDA beta participants are bound by, but I’ll say this: You’re going to be impressed from the moment you step in. So thanks again Turbine for letting me see all this while it’s still raw. Thanks for working so hard to keep bringing us fresh content and features. Thanks for listening to our feedback and making it a priority.

Long Live DDO and Good Hunting.

4 thoughts on “Beta

  1. Because of the NDA, I’m gonna limit my input to, “OMG TEH NEWNESS Iz AWESUM YAY!!!111!11!!!!eleven!”

    Furreal. SOOOO much to do, so little time to check it out right now. And I haven’t even tried, um, the thing most people are most anxious to try. LOL

    Bravo, Turbine. *bow*

  2. There are things I like, things I intensely DISlike, things I’m kinda meh about, things I can probably get used to, things that make me go OMGWHEETHISISFUNNNNNNN, things that make me go OMGseriously?, things I haven’t even tried yet that made me go OOOH in anticipation of when I *will* get around to playing with it.

    …And I haven’t even gotten to FR yet…

    (That should be sufficiently vague for the NDA, no?)

    Plus, a massive XP bonus makes killing on Korthos Island really really fun (I’m pretty sure an XP bonus doesn’t fall under the NDA… I hope…)

  3. This is my first Beta test since Ultima Online…yes, the original one, still have the charter member crud too, but I had no real idea what “beta test” meant. I understand it now, and have posted some bugs and observations. I like the thought that I might have some input, however minor, into the improvement of this game we all love.

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