More Content = Less Play???

Eberron - Horizons

So Menace of the Underdark has hit Live, and DDO is abuzz with activity. The Forumites are busy praising or DooOOmMMMing all the new goodnes. The casuals are taking their strolls through King’s Forest. The hardcores are one by one achieving level 25 and completing all the Destinies. The Altaholics are figuring out what a Druid looks like, here in DDO land.

There’s a piece of each of those player archetypes in me, so I should be having no problem finding plenty to do. But whether in Eberron or Eveningstar, I find myself just hanging around more often than not. I’ll run a quest or two. I’ll join one of the ever diminishing Shroud pugs. I’ll get an ED bubble farming a Challenge. I’ll even do some inventory management here and there. What I can’t seem to be able to do is commit! Or get excited! The xpack came out and instead of being stoked, i’m bored.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love the new stuff. Yes, there’s an abundance of bugs, glitches and hiccups. So really there’s ample evidence for me to either be over-the-top fanboi or nerdraging DoomMM-sayer. But while Belgarim is zoning in, I’m zoning out. By the time I’ve taken my fifth step across the landscape my eyelids are already at half mast. It’s kinda aggravating, actually.

Don’t know what the problem is folks, but I’m feeling kinda bored.

So if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen me much lately, well, join the club. I’m wondering why too.

4 thoughts on “More Content = Less Play???

  1. I’ve loved the way you separate the players in groups. Looking at what I’ve done the last few days, I also think I have a bit of each one in me, because I tried to do everything at same time, but without actual time to do it all.

    So I haven’t sorted out if I’m bored or just upset for not having time to play enough. The true is that some days I wasn’t eager enough to play, not as I used to be before. Yeah, I know, I must have mental problems 🙂

    But I really hope it is just a phase and everything goes back in the future. I hope you recover soon.

  2. I’m sure we’ll get back to ‘normal’ soon enough. Maybe I’m just not a trailblazer. Maybe I’m waiting a bit for things to settle down, or the patches to deal with the bugs…

    Whatever the case is, I’m still here, lurking, biding my time. 🙂

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