YOU put the M&Ms in MMOs

Beating up the Baddies

Beating up the Baddies

A while back I was getting pretty bored with the game. Updates 13-15 had come pretty fast and furious and instead of playing more, I was playing less. Yeah, RL was a big factor there, but something about the game was pushing me away.

I mean, I loved the game still, despite the bugs and nerfs, but I wasn’t having the fun I’d had before. I set out to renew my interest by TRing one of my characters. That helped a bit, but by itself it wasn’t enough. I found myself playing more and more on Cannith, where a small group of us met once a week for some low pressure dungeon crawls.

And that’s what turned it around for me. I realized that I was getting too caught up in chasing the newest gear, Epic Destinies, new quests, XP…  The grind was getting to me. But playing a lowbie with new people was FUN.

So, without really trying, I’m now in a couple of small static groups. I have regularly played toons on three servers, and I PUG whenever possible. Socializing is kinda out of my comfort zone, but DDO is a social game. Nine tenths of the fun is in playing with people, as opposed to playing against AI monsters.

And focusing on that has breathed new life into it for me. I can even get back on my so-called Main on a regular basis again and not feel … i dunno … pushed, pressured to advance. I’m having fun again, thanks to the great people of DDO.

Don’t get me wrong now, the game itself has to be great to start with, or else why bother. And although Turbine has gone WAY above and beyond in making such a fabulous game, it would still be nothing without the fantastic people I’ve met.

So thanks to Shin, Comic, Billy, Valk, Even, Grynd, Thalone, Firstaid, and all the other people who I’ve run with. Old friends and new, it’s not massively multiplayer for nothin’.

6 thoughts on “YOU put the M&Ms in MMOs

  1. Ive always loved just returning to the Harbor with a new toon to redo those old familiar quests. There I always meet new friend to quest and goof around with. I find I rarely make friends in high level raids, the players are a little too serious at high levels.

  2. I’ll sum this one up nicely. I haven’t enjoyed the low level content in quite a while, and I have never liked 3BC, ever. Until the last two weeks I had never done anything out there with more than one other person. I have enjoyed 3BC now like never before. With 5 of us running the place it has become very entertaining to say the least 🙂

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