Dragons Are Good For Your Health

by BOgre @ bogresmyddo.wordpress.com

So, lately I’ve been solo farming Cannith Challenges for Tier3 Epic Spare Hand. That means eLabour Shortage, eDragon’s Hoard, and ePicture Portals. I’m done with Labour and Portals, just have Dragon’s Hoard left to run. It’s a pretty easy challenge to complete, 150 shards in 20 minutes. You can also fairly easily get 2 optionals: Let the Foreman Die, and Kill the Dragon Auraxyllon.

Well, I didn’t have a chance to login yesterday, and I usually don’t try to play in the morning before work, but this a.m. I had 25 minutes to kill and I thought I’d take a run at it.

The run went well, easily got my 150 shards, so I went off in search of Auraxyllon. He happened to be in the 1st of his 3 possible spawn points, yay. He did me the courtesy of dying with time to spare, yay +1. I let the clock run out and got ported back to House Cannith. Good haul of Epic Enchanted Armors, 224, yay +2. Then I toddled off to the bar to open my supply chests, sell, repair, and logout for work. And what should I find? Check it:


Yay +3! Literally!

Ok, a +3 Con tome may not seem like much, but I’ve been looking for that tome on this toon for 2 years now. And to find it in an easily farmable Supply Chest, first thing in the morning before work, on a Friday, well, you can see how this may have made my day. 🙂

The moral: Dragons are good for your health 🙂


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A Side Note:

Many of us myDDO refugees are finding new places to blog, and many of us have found our way to Evennote’s OurDDO. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out. If you’re already linked to it, and are blogging, I’d like to recommend something. It may be a good idea to add your byline to your posts, with a link to your actual blog site. The OurDDO feed doesn’t handle all blog title links very well, and what’s more, since we’re viewing the blog posts from an RSS feed, it can be tough to figure out who wrote what. Just a suggestion, but I think it would go a long way to improve readability from within the OurDDO framework. Happy Blogging 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dragons Are Good For Your Health

  1. GRRRRRR! D’you know how much I’ve spent on tomes, and I STILL need a bunch of +3’s? Of course, with my damn alt-itis, it’s hard to get EVERYBODY fully decked out tome-wise. LOL

    Also, I’m working on prettifying OurDDO. I may end up just using the server space I already have to host it – still debating on that, really want to keep my own site separate from DDO stuff, not to mention the extra storage and bandwidth it’d take up. So we’ll see; I have a couple other options in the works.

  2. Gratz! I’m still playing with effective feed readers. The Slick RSS doesn’t seem to update properly, so I’m tinkering with Feedly, which is high maintenance to use but shows things in a more comprehensive fashion.

    • I stuck with Slick RSS, despite its slow update (as in, feeds show up nearly 6 hours late! ). Feedly pissed me off about 30 seconds into using it. I’ll keep looking for another alternative, at least until Chrome decides to be able to view RSS links natively. Chrome can be a pain the ass when it comes to customization and keeping ahead of the feature-curve, but it’s still the fastest browser with the very best use of screen real estate, so for now I’m sticking with it.

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